'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10


Dear parents,


It saddens me greatly that we are once again in the position of having to close our school to everybody that is not a child of a key worker or those that did not qualify to come into school last time we had a national lockdown. All other pupils MUST stay at home.


We will be open tomorrow at Rowsley 9am until 3.30pm for the children of KEY WORKERS ONLY.


We will be inviting others to attend in due course. If you feel you qualify as a key worker and your child did NOT attend school during the last lockdown and you need your child to attend tomorrow then please email

I will be in touch tomorrow with more details and to ask for the childcare you will need going forward. As I am sure you appreciate we have not been left with much time to get sorted but rest assured our amazing staff are ready to welcome you either online or in school if you qualify. If you need any help accessing your child’s Google Classroom accounts please email your child’s teacher. Please bear in mind the limited amount of time our staff have had to prepare for this lockdown and know we will do our best to make sure we do everything we can for your children. Your child’s teacher will be in touch tomorrow with more detail of our home education.


Warmest regards.


Alexia Wyer and the Stanton Team