We are an outstanding school that provides all children aged 4-11 with a broad, balanced and creative curriculum where all children are given a chance to shine.


Peak Tor Federation

Stanton in Peak C. of E. Primary School Governors


A big welcome from the governors here at Stanton in Peak C. of E. Primary School. Our school is federated with Rowsley C of E Primary School. This means that the two schools have a shared Headteacher and Governing Body which operates in the best interest of each school both jointly and individually. This brings many benefits to each school on a management level and allows the Governors to work as a larger team.


Peak Tor Federation Governing Body has 14 members varying from teachers, support staff, parents and members of the local community. We work as a team with the Executive Head Teacher for the benefit of all the pupils and staff at Stanton in Peak C. of E. Primary School.


All governors are volunteers and have a diverse background, from education to health, business management to the Church of England. We're here to give the school a strategic direction and to act as 'a critical friend' – helping to guide the school and to improve the standard of education for all our children.


We ensure that local and national government legislation and targets are met, that we spend our school budget wisely, that the safety of everyone is paramount, and that the curriculum is delivered to benefit all children.


Governors take an active role in the school, not only attending meetings, but also school functions, undertaking visits to classrooms and helping out with school visits.


If you want to contact us, then we'd be happy to hear from you; please contact Claire Mead, Clerk to Governing Body, at school or via e-mail


The Peak Tor Federation Governors are:


Chair of Governors

Adrian Thornhill

Vice Chair

Sarah Charker

Chair of the Resource Management Sub-Committee

Dave Findley

Chair of the Curriculum and Learning Sub-Committee

Lisa Stephenson

Executive Headteacher

Alexia Wyer

Co-opted Governors

Richard Brook

Alison Carson

Sarah Charker

Johnathon Figg

Iain Hegarty

Mike Lilley

Samantha Pawley

Marianne Quick

Andy Wilson

Clerk to Governors

Claire Mead


Governors that have stood down within the last year

Trevor Atkin

Claire Archibald

Jo Giroux

Meet Our Governors 


Mr Adrian Thornhill – Chair of Governors


Mr Adrian Thornhill             Co-opted Governor

Term of office:                  03/09/18 - 02/09/22


Roles & responsibilities:      

  • Chair of Governors
  • Curriculum & Learning Committee
  • Resources & Finance Committee


Attendance: 2018            100%


Stanton School has played an important part in my life.  My own education began there in the 1970’s and for the past ten years I have served initially as a Foundation Governor and subsequently as a Community Governor.  Having supported the federation between Stanton and Rowsley I was delighted to have been elected Chair of Peak Tor Federation in September 2018.


One of my most important roles as Chair is to help both schools, each with similar characteristics but distinct identities, to learn from and build on each other’s considerable strengths.  I am confident that the experience I have acquired from building and running my own business combined with the specialist knowledge possessed by my fellow governors, many of whom work within the education industry, will help me to achieve this.


I have always believed in the vital importance of primary education.  Not only does it lay the foundations for the skills that are so critical to enable children, ultimately, to lead independent and fulfilling lives but it should also foster a lifelong love of learning for its own sake. I am looking forward to working with the governing body in providing whatever support we can to the Head and her teaching staff in continuing to achieve both of these goals.



Mrs Alexia Wyer - Executive Headteacher


  Mrs Alexia Wyer          Executive Headteacher

  Start of office:              04/01/21        

  Roles & responsibilities:      

  Resources & Finance Committee

  Curriculum & Learning Committee

  Strategic Planning and School Improvement

  Attendance: 2015                  N/A

  Attendance: 2016                  N/A

  Attendance: 2017                  N/A

                                            Attendance: 2018                 N/A

I am the Executive Headteacher at Rowsley Church of England Primary School and Stanton in Peak Church of England Primary school – just up the hill. I grew up in Manchester, where I attended my local primary school and then grammar school before completing a Biomedical Sciences degree at Keele University. After my undergraduate degree I moved to Derbyshire to complete a PGCE at Nottingham Trent University and took up my first post in a very large inner city school in Nottingham. I then moved to a large Primary school in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire and then taught for nine years at a middle sized school in Heanor, Derbyshire. This is my first headship where I have taken over for a two-year secondment. 


I am committed to ensure that every single child succeeds and flourishes, not only academically but also socially and spiritually. I believe every pupil should leave primary school a well-rounded individual with all the skills and values needed to contribute to society and live a happy, successful life. I am committed to uphold the ethos and values of church schools where there is a strong emphasis on the development of the whole child: personal, social, moral and academic.


Mrs Marianne Quick

(Resources & Finance Committee) Marianne Quick         Parent Governor

Term of office:              03/09/18 - 02/09/22

Roles & responsibilities:      

Resources & Finance Committee

Equalities Lead Governor

Attendance: 2015            N/A

Attendance: 2016            N/A

Attendance: 2017            75%

Attendance: 2018            100%


I have been a parent governor for three years since my son Archie began reception class at Rowsley school. I am lead Governor for Equality & Diversity, Data Protection Officer for the federation and alongside the other parent governor from Stanton, we share responsibility for parent and community engagement. We are keen to build upon the links between both schools as the federation develops. We have for example, already set out proposals for a shared after school club and joint fundraising events.

I have previously served as a Local-Authority governor in Dronfield and work as a full-time trade union official in Universities and Colleges. I have extensive experience of employment legislation and education policy and I’m particularly passionate about the provision of quality, fun and accessible learning at all stages of life regardless of background.


I have three children currently at different stages of their education journeys. My eldest daughter Gabriella is a post-graduate student, studying to become a barrister, Archie is in the midst of his primary school adventure at Rowsley and my youngest daughter Maisie will also join the school from September 2019. I therefore have a long-term investment in the school as both a parent, governor and a local resident. I have also very recently become a member of the Rowsley Village Hall management committee.

Alongside my fellow governors, I am committed to supporting the staff and pupils of both schools, so that they can continue to be vibrant and happy places to work and learn at the heart of their local communities.


Mrs Lisa Stephenson - Chair of Curriculum & Learning Committee Lisa Stephenson         Co-opted Governor

Term of office:              03/09/18 - 02/02/22

Roles & responsibilities:      

Chair of Curriculum & Learning Committee

Special Educational Needs Lead Governor

 Attendance: 2015                  N/A

Attendance: 2016                  N/A

Attendance: 2017                  75%

Attendance: 2018                  100%


Lisa has been a governor since 2009, first at Stanton then at Rowsley and now for Peak Tor Federation for both schools.  She has lived in Birchover for over 20 years and has two children who attended Stanton, now at Lady Manners.


Lisa has worked in education for her full career and is passionate about the importance of a strong foundation at primary school which provides an excellent education, in its broadest sense, for all children. Having completed a degree in psychology and a postgraduate teaching qualification (PGCE), Lisa taught as a primary school teacher for 5 years. During this time, she moved to Derbyshire and then completed further training to be an Educational Psychologist. Lisa has worked for Nottinghamshire Local Authority since qualifying, enjoying the varied role which supports children with additional needs and schools with organisational change. Lisa believes strongly in inclusion for all and is highly supportive of the inclusive ethos of the Peak Tor federation. She recognises the joys and challenges for small schools and is enjoying supporting the federation.


Mr David Findley - Chair of Resources & Finance Committee

Mr David Findley             Local Authority Governor

Term of office:               03/09/18 - 02/09/22

Roles & responsibilities:      

Chair of Resources & Finance Committee

Safeguarding Lead Governor

Child Protection Lead Governor

Anti-bullying Lead Governor


Attendance: 2015                  N/A

Attendance: 2016                  N/A

Attendance: 2017                  75%

Attendance: 2018                  66%

Dave has worked in education for almost all his career and has been on school governing bodies for many years. For the last eight years Dave has been on the governing body at Stanton in Peak School and he has now joined Rowsley as a Co-opted Governor.


Dave’s interest is in primary education and the opportunities it can offer to all children. He taught infant classes for 16 years before becoming a Headteacher and loves to see children learning in a constructive, supportive environment. Dave is particularly interested in the teaching of science and music.


Dave has lived in Bakewell for about 10 years and is now retired. Dave is an accomplished double bass player and has played in orchestras for many years and still enjoys performing in public. When not practising, or reading, much of Dave’s time is taken with doing up his rather old house.

Sarah Charker

(Resources & Finance Committee) Charker               Foundation Governor

Term of office:              03/09/18 - 02/09/22

Roles & responsibilities:      

Resources & Finance Committee


Attendance: 2015                  N/A

Attendance: 2016                  N/A

Attendance: 2017                  100%

Attendance: 2018                  100%




Sarah has a background in outdoor education, she trained at the Christian Mountain Centre in North Wales but 10 years ago relocated to Derbyshire. She has worked for the Local Authority in their outdoor education department, and also freelanced for other outdoor education providers. Although no longer working in outdoor education Sarah is keen to see the continued growth of outdoor learning at Rowsley School. As a Foundation Governor Sarah is especially keen to see the Christian character and ethos of the school upheld; a school where every individual is valued.

Sarah is married with two children, who both attend Rowsley school. Sarah is committed to seeing Rowsley School continue to improve and grow in the coming years.

Iain Hegarty

(Resources & Finance Committee)

Iain Hegarty                 Co-opted Governor

Term of office:              03/09/18 - 02/09/22

Roles & responsibilities:      

  • Resources & Finance Committee
  • Computing & websites    
  • Attendance: 2018                  100%            

My involvement with the schools began in 2013 when I became a Parent Governor at Stanton. Since then I have acted as a co-opted Governor both at Stanton and now with the federation.


I passionately believe that education is key to a child’s chances in life, widening their opportunities and choices.  Our son is now at Lady Manners, but his seven years at Stanton has given him a great start in life. I want to help ensure that all the children who attend both Rowsley and Stanton schools are able to get the same excellent grounding. The teachers and staff at both schools are doing a great job in providing our children with terrific teaching and a special learning environment. I feel very privileged to be able to support them in their work.

Dr Claire Mead – Clerk to Governors

Dr Claire Mead                     Clerk to Governors

Term of office:                    01/03/14 - current     

Roles & responsibilities:      

  • Clerk to Governors

Attendance: 2014                  100%

Attendance: 2015                  100%

Attendance: 2016                  100%

Attendance: 2017                  100%

Attendance: 2018                  100%


Claire is the Clerk to the Governors and is employed by Derbyshire County Council to support the governors, by documenting meetings and key decisions made, and providing advice on procedures and legislation. The Clerk to Governors is the only paid member of the governing team. Claire has been Clerk to Governors at Rowsley since 2014, and now to the Governing Body of the Peak Tor Federation starting in 2018. She originally qualified as a Conservation Biologist in 2008. She is now a full time parent and lives in Rowsley with her family and four house bunnies. Her daughter attends Rowsley C. of E. Primary School.


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