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Infant Blog

A busy term so far in the Infant Class

An Icy Muddy Monday!
On our way to Forest School...
Drama in the classroom
Finding out about our world
An exciting visitor

Fire station Visit

Police Visit

Listening intently to the Police Officer
A young recruit

Superhero Topic Day

We are superhero learners in the Infant Class!

Muddy Monday Radish Picking!

Outdoor Spelling Practice

Outdoor Learning

Helping to make a fire
Enjoying the fire together
Planting seeds

Whittling in the Allotment...

Forest School Fun

Hanging on!

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock display in the infant class.

Red Nose Day!

World Book Day

The infant class on world Book Day!
George’s Marvellous Medicine art
George’s Marvellous Medicine art...

Pancake Day!

Pancake recipe writing!
Cracking codes in maths. Who stole the pancakes?
Pancake time!
Enjoying our pancakes!
Enjoying our pancakes!

Some of our reception children were talking about the wind so we decided to measure it using an anemometer.

Active Maths

Our younger children enjoying ‘active maths’

Fun in the Forest...

Busy making houses for the Choo Choo people...

Lea Green

Den building!
Lighting the fire
Toasting marshmallows over the fire
Relaxing in the forest
Team photo

The rain won’t stop us!

Outdoor nature art during Forest School today!
We love Muddy Monday phonics!
We love Muddy Monday phonics!
We love Muddy Monday phonics!
Found it!
Searching for the treasure...
Trying to crack the pirate code!
Hunting for special things!
Outdoor phonics on Muddy Monday!