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Infant Blog

As part of our 'Big City' topic, the year 1 and 2 pupils recently enjoyed a trip to Sheffield. We caught the train from Grindleford station before exploring the city and completing a series of Geography based challenges. We also enjoyed lunch in the 'Winter Gardens' and visited the children's library.!

Enjoying hot cross buns made by reception and year ones in the sunshine!

Comic Relief!

World Book Day!

We worked in our house groups to rehearse and perform poems to the rest of the school!

Poetry Day

Busy writing up our findings from our dinosaur poo making investigation. The children recorded whether they thought the poo was from a carnivore or a herbivore and explained how they knew. 

This week in science we have been making our own dinosaur poo! We made it with flour, salt, warm water and cornflower. We then added either leaves (to be herbivore poo) or fake bones made of card (to be carnivore poo). We then painted them ready to be investigated by different groups of children.

Dinosaur Poo!

Forest School - Shelter building between rain showers!

Using ICT to sequence and retell 'Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish'.

Active Maths! Estimating distance using standard and non-standard measurement.

Active Spelling Relay!

We've enjoyed active maths and active English in the Infant class today. We have been learning about standard measurements (cm) and estimation using natural objects. 


We have also been learning about verbs and sentence structure by completing a verb relay race!

Active Maths - Active English

Well done to everyone who took part in the cluster schools cross country last week. We were so impressed with the determination and effort put in by all of you! We were also delighted to come second in both the infant girls and boys team competitions as well as having a first place infant boy and three in the top 10, well done!

Cross country practise in PE today!

Forest School - Den Building

Well done to the Infants who won the the cluster schools ks1 football competition this week! We are incredibly proud of all our children who took part and showed excellent determination and teamwork!

We have had an excellent start to the term in the Infant Class and have thoroughly enjoyed our learning already! Our new starters have settled in very well and are key members of our class already.


Over the last couple of weeks we have been on dinosaur and fossil hunts, forest school afternoons and have been learning about Pangea in the time of the dinosaurs and the continents in our world today. This week we have begun learning about Mary Anning and her important discoveries before we create our own news reports about her next week using the green screen!

The Smugglers Run!

Muddy Hands

Learning how to tie a clove hitch...

A busy term so far in the Infant Class

Fire station Visit

Police Visit

Superhero Topic Day

Muddy Monday Radish Picking!

Outdoor Spelling Practice

Outdoor Learning

Whittling in the Allotment...

Forest School Fun

Jackson Pollock

Red Nose Day!

World Book Day

Pancake Day!

Some of our reception children were talking about the wind so we decided to measure it using an anemometer.

Active Maths

Fun in the Forest...

Lea Green

The rain won’t stop us!