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Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is allocated to all schools where there are children who are entitled to free school meals, are looked after or who have parents who are in the Armed Forces.


How will the Pupil Premium be spent at Stanton-in-Peak?


Pupil Premium Spending 2018/2019


£2640 was received and is planned to be spent in the following ways:


  • 6 additional TA hours to support, and provide intervention where necessary, for Pupil Premium pupils - £2339

  • A small reserve of funds is held in school to support Pupil Premium children who may struggle to pay for school trips and residentials - £301


Total: £2640


How well do the children receiving Pupil Premium do at Stanton-in-Peak?

The progress of these children is  carefully tracked and reported, annonymously, to the Governing Body. Due to the very small numbers of pupils receiving Pupil Premium this data is not available on our website to ensure that the progress of individual pupils can not be identified.