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Reading Challenges

Stanton Reading Challenge

Our Reading Challenges has been custom made and is based on the mountains of the UK.  As you progress through each reading challenges the mountains get higher! Our reading challenges were created to help inspire a love of reading and to encourage our pupils to explore a wide variety of genres.


The challenges include reading books based around the current class topic, pupil choice, graphic novels, multi-cultural and topical issues, poetry, picture books, novels, non-fiction, and courageous advocates - both literary advocates and real life advocates.  Class teachers discuss the texts read with the children and will make suggestions and recommendations based on the individual. We are encouraging our children to make recommendations to each other too. 


In order to help stock our library with high quality texts recommended from the Pie Corbett Reading Spine we asked parents to 'Pledge a Book' and our wonderful parents pulled out all the stops and purchased all of the books on our itinery! Thank you all so much. In October 2021 there was also another extremely generous donation of high quality texts, which include a lot of classic childrens' books. Thank you!


In Autumn 2023 we will be measuring the impact of the reading challenges via pupil and parent surveys.