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We encourage our children to read both in and out of school. Your children's reading skills will be of great benefit to them across the entire curriculum. Writing notes in your child's reading record will encourage them and help us to see how they are getting on outside of school. The weekly guided reading and comprehension sessions are another valuable opportunity to hear them read and help develop their understanding. During these sessions the children will draw on their inference skills as well as developing a number of other strategies to help them with their reading.


All children also take part in a series of reading challenges which require them to read and engage with excellent books as they progress through school.  


The children love the reading challenges and it is lovely to see such enthusiasm and engagement. If you have any questions about them, just ask me any time.


Word Reading: As well as taking part in daily Read, Write Inc. phonics sessions (see below), our children also read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge. In order to help them read fluently they also practise common exception and high frequency words both in and out of school. Children are heard reading on a regular basis throughout the week. 


Key Stage 1 and 2

Key stage one and two both base their English work around high quality texts taken from the literacy curriculum. They work on a two year rolling cycle and cover a range of genres. These engaging books help our pupils make links and build upon their previous learning. 


Children at Stanton-in Peak are read to daily during class sessions and listened to on a regular basis. Those who need additional support are identified early as we realise the importance of reading and receive appropriate interventions. These may take the form of additional time for reading practise in school, phonics support throughout school and high frequency/sight word interventions. Reading is promoted throughout the school in the form of reading challenges, high quality class texts and regular reading events.


Guided Reading

Guided reading is taught daily in the juniors and in various forms throughout the week in the Infant and EYFS settings. This includes, class texts, shared reading and guided class comprehension work. The juniors (and higher ability Y2 pupils) use a whole book approach so the children are immersed in their learning. Groups are differentiated according to ability in order that all children are challenged. The children learn skills that are vital to comprehension in focused engaging sessions. Where possible, books are taken from the literacy curriculum and are topic related. They are always high quality texts.