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Resources to support learning from home

This page is intended to help parents support their child's learning at home.


Due to the national lockdown and closure of schools the government has funded a catch up program and research. The Educational Endowement Foundation (EEF) has recommended that:


‘Parents have played a key role in supporting children to learn at home and it is essential that schools and families continue to work together as pupils return to school. Providing additional books and educational resources to families, with support and guidance, may also be helpful – for example, offering advice about effective strategies for reading with children.’


We have uploaded some videos to help support and guide parents. If you would like to support your child with their learning at home then we hope you find these videos useful. These videos follow the techniques our teachers would use with your child in school. If you have any further questions on how best to support your child's learning at home, please speak to their class teacher.


Key Stage 1 

BBC Bitesize provides a breakdown for key stage 1 spelling, punctuation and grammar , when you press the link each area is broken down into more specific areas of learning.



Junior 1

Year 3 & 4 Maths

Unit fractions -

Non-unit fraction -

Equivalence of a half and two quarters -

Counting in fractions -

Fractions as a set of objects -

Compare fractions -

Order fractions -

Telling the time to 5 minutes -

Telling the time to a minute -

24 Hour Clock -

English Lower Key Stage 2 


Alan Peats Sentence Types

Junior 2

English Upper Key Stage 2

Compound Sentences:


Complex Sentences: 


Relative Clauses: 


Word Classes: 


Expanded Noun Phrases: 


Fronted Adverbials: 




Fronted Adverbials: 


Relative Pronouns: 


Simple, Past, Present and Future Tense: 


Past, Present and Furure Progressive Tense: 




Subject, Verb, Object:






Modal Verbs: 


Alan Peats Sentence Types