'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10

School Values

Our Vision


At Stanton-in-Peak Church of England Primary School we believe that we are setting our pupils off on a journey to become life long learners. We hope to instill in them a love of learning that will remain with them for life. Our aspiration is that every child will reach their full potential and leave this school ready for the next step in their life.

We also very much care about the personal development of each child in our care and want them to become responsible citizens who are sensitive to the needs of individuals and communities around them.


We believe that these aspirations are embodied in our School Aims and Values which were written and agreed by the children, staff, governors and parents...

School Aims and Values


  • We will be inquisitive learners ready to have a go
  • We are proud of our school and will help each other to work to make it even better
  • We will be ambassadors for our school in the local community
  • We will care for our world and keep it safe for future generations
  • We follow Christian values so that we treat everyone with respect