'Life in all it's fullness' John 10:10


Teaching Staff


Alexia Wyer - Executive Headteacher

I started my teaching career in 2009 and have worked as a class teacher in a range of different schools, which include a large inner city Nottingham school to middle sized schools in Derbyshire and now to the beautiful village of Stanton-In-Peak. I have never, until now, found myself in such a wonderful school with such a strong sense of community. My passions are the outdoors, cycling, my family and teaching children! There is nothing quite like being part of a school community and I look forward to thriving together as a school and community.


Johnathon Figg - Key Stage 2 Teacher and Senior Leader

I completed my teacher training in the summer of 2014 and feel very lucky to have started my teaching career at Stanton-in-Peak.  Living locally, I have a great appreciation of the outdoors and enjoy making the most of our beautiful surroundings.  I am a firm believer that children learn best when they feel safe and are enjoying themselves; therefore, delivering interesting and engaging lessons, which encourage the children to promote their own learning, is a key aim of mine. 


Paris Birkin - Lower Keystage 2 Teacher and SENCo 

I joined Stanton-in-Peak in 2018 after returning to the UK from volunteering and helping in schools overseas. Exploration, curiosity, questioning and risk taking are all key skills for learning, it was important to me to work in a school that shared this ethos and at Stanton I found just that. I am proud to work alongside such a dedicated and innovative team of teachers that strive to develop the whole child and we have such a wonderful, picturesque setting to do it in. 


Ben Sizer - Infant Teacher


I have been teaching at Stanton-in-Peak since completing my PGCE in 2016. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working in such a friendly, welcoming school full of dedicated staff. Without a doubt, the best part of my job is working with our fantastic children who make every day different from the last. I am determined for each child to fulfil their potential both inside and outside of the classroom, develop a passion for learning and to grow into well-rounded, happy individuals.


Zoe Oldham - teacher

I have been teaching since 2002 and moved to Stanton-in-Peak School in 2006.  Initially I  worked with the youngest children in our school full time. Now one day each week I support groups of children of all ages through specific targeted teaching in the morning and then teach the Infant class in the afternoon.  


Support Staff


Grace Young - Teaching Assistant

As a past pupil of Stanton in Peak Primary School I feel a strong affection and loyalty to the school. I have worked here since 2007, first as a midday supervisor and now as a Teaching Assistant. I really enjoy the company of children and have a desire that they should also feel safe and happy in school.


Tracey Males - Teaching Assistant

I have worked in school since 2016.  I work in both the Junior and Infant classrooms supporting individuals and groups of children.  I enjoy working with the children very much and every day is a different experience.  To support the children in their learning is a great privilege.



Sandra Rimmer - School Clerk 

I joined Stanton in Peak Primary School in September 2010 after working as Secretary/Minute Clerk to the Education Advisers/Consultants at the Local Authority. My duties in school include:  finance, personnel, reception, record keeping, data collection and general office administration in the busy school office. I thoroughly enjoy my job; it is extremely interesting working in a school setting and it is certainly never boring!


Dawn Fritchley - Mid Day Supervisor & Relief Teaching Assistant

I have worked at the school as a Mid Day Supervisor since 2015.  During the last 2 years I have undertaken my teaching assistant training and have recently qualified.  I enjoy working with both the Infant and Junior children both in my role as Mid Day Supervisor and as a voluntary and relief Teaching Assistant.  I enjoy the variety each day brings in school.


Ian Buckley - School Caretaker

I came to Stanton in Peak as a relief caretaker 4 years ago and was fortunate enough to be offered the job permanently. It's a great job and a pleasant and friendly environment to work in.


Jackie Piggott - School Cook

I have been the school cook at Stanton in Peak for 6 years. I very much enjoy my job and the interaction with the children.

The children always tell me that my chocolate cracknell is the best!