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Raiders and Traders 

Derby Museum

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Summer 2

This term our topic is 'Raiders and Traders' were we are looking into the Savage Saxons and Vicious Vikings.

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Amazing Anglo Saxon Artefacts Found! 

Whilst digging out in the allotment the juniors stumbled across some ancient finds in the flower beds. Here is our team of archeologists uncovering a hoard of Anglo Saxon goods.

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Picture 3
A big well done to our Mini Tennis Tournament team who represented us today for showing great teamwork and sportsmanship AND coming second out of all the small schools - we are very proud of them!
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Year 3/4 had a great time at the mini tennis festival.

Tennis Festival

Tennis Festival  1

11.02.19 Today we visited the open center to experience different places of worship. 




Gurdwara 1
Gurdwara 2
Sikhs provide an open space and kitchen to offer food after worship for people in need. This is the Juniors trying some Dahl Curry from the Gurdwaras kitchen.

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple 1
Hindu Temple 2
In the Hindu temple worshipers ring the bell to make others aware that they are entering. Men and women sit together on the floor to worship side by side; in a gurdwara it is optional for women to cover their heads.  


Mosque  1
During our spring term we have learning all about the ‘Blue Abyss’, as part of this topic we had a visit from Severn Trent to tell us about the process of cleaning and recycling water. 
Blue Abys 

Water savers Vs Water wasters

Water savers Vs Water wasters  1
Water savers Vs Water wasters  2
Water savers Vs Water wasters  3
Water savers Vs Water wasters  4
We also learnt simple ways that we can help to reduce our water wastage such as turning the tap of when we brush our teeth and trying to keep showers to just 4 minutes. Tricky Stuff! We also looked at the importance of the 3 P’s I’m sure they’ll be excited to tell you all about it  
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