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Year 3 & 4 Blog

Egg shell tooth decay
Iron Man Poem

The Iron Man stood on a mountain top

Staring down an enormous drop.


His head was huge, his eyes were bright.

He made the most amazing sight.

Eyes like searchlights scanned the hill,

Ears were icy in the chill.


Where is his master, nobody knows,

There on the mountain the iron man froze.

An icy wind blew full of snow,

And swept him off to plunge below.


Falling, falling . . . flung about

No one there to hear him shout.


Suddenly, an awful crash,

Bang, wallop, crunch, pow, smash.


Battered, scattered, tattered Iron Man lay,

In the ice and snow all day.

Slowly the pieces came together,

Even in the frightful weather.

By one of our wonderful Year 3's 
Science - Air Resistance 
Science - Water Resistance 
Easter Crafts


Here are some of the children's DIY projects whilst they have been learning at home (& getting creative)

 My den for my cat I call it FORT M.I.L.O milo standing for magnificent individual lion offspring­čś╣ and look at the logo I made on photoshop the other cat is the one milo had a scrap with.
My dust mites movie.

GK DM.mp4

Still image for this video


This term our topic is 'Might Metals' and we are looking at The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Here is some mixed media Iron Man creations. 


Some more world class baking: Cake of Dreams 

Maisie COD.MOV

Still image for this video
07.04.20 Bake Off Small and Savoury edition! 


Here on some scrumdiddlyumptious entries from our Stanton Bake Off, lovely Mrs Rimmer included!



This week I set the children the challenge of investigating shape and patter of shadows and how the change with the angle of which light is shone at an object. Here is what they found:



'a shadow is formed by light shining on one side of an object but the object is blocking the other side so the light waves cant get to it.'


'when you move away the shadow gets small. when you get closer the shadow gets bigger. when you move to the side the shadow gets longer.'


'When I moved the light closer it got fatter and when I moved further away it got thinner. When I moved the light up it got shorter and down it got longer. When I moved the light right the shadow moved left and when l moved the light left the shadow moved right.'


'As I moved the torch away from the object the shadow became dimmer. As I moved the light towards the object the shadow grew darker. As I moved the light to the left the shadow moved to the right. As I moved the light to the right the shadow moved to the left. As I moved the light upwards the shadow became shorter and as I moved the light down the shadow became longer'


Here are some of Junior 1's Trojan Horses that they have creatively created at home!

5.03.20 World Book Day


Here Junior 1’s are creating their own mosaic tiles for our Roman topic.


Junior 1’a getting creative at forest schools on the allotment ­čî│ 

Grand Designs

Pottery throw down


In Dt we have been making Roman chariots! Thank you for your cereal box donations. 


Thanks to PTA all our juniors today have had a fantastic visit from Kirsty and Mark (Theatre Works) here they are warming up for some improvised drama.


Still image for this video

Forest Schools

Watch out for our tiny tree people as we play 1,2,3 I can see! 

123 I can see!

Still image for this video



Here the juniors are having a great time playing hide and seek in the woods! 

7.11.19 As part of our Extreme Earth topic the children got to create mini volcanoes modelling how the release of gases from chemical reactions can cause a build up of pressure!


20.11.19. This morning we made Christingles in our RE session with Mrs Oldham. You can ask us what each of the different parts of the Christingle represents. By Molly & Elizabeth


On Thursday years 2,3 and 4 took part in the dodgeball competition. They showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. Year 2 came runners up and 3/4 made through to the semi final! 

Raiders and Traders 

Derby Museum

Summer 2

This term our topic is 'Raiders and Traders' were we are looking into the Savage Saxons and Vicious Vikings.

Amazing Anglo Saxon Artefacts Found! 

Whilst digging out in the allotment the juniors stumbled across some ancient finds in the flower beds. Here is our team of archeologists uncovering a hoard of Anglo Saxon goods.

A big well done to our Mini Tennis Tournament team who represented us today for showing great teamwork and sportsmanship AND coming second out of all the small schools - we are very proud of them!
Year 3/4 had a great time at the mini tennis festival.

Tennis Festival

11.02.19 Today we visited the open center to experience different places of worship. 




Sikhs provide an open space and kitchen to offer food after worship for people in need. This is the Juniors trying some Dahl Curry from the Gurdwaras kitchen.

Hindu Temple

In the Hindu temple worshipers ring the bell to make others aware that they are entering. Men and women sit together on the floor to worship side by side; in a gurdwara it is optional for women to cover their heads.  


During our spring term we have learning all about the ‘Blue Abyss’, as part of this topic we had a visit from Severn Trent to tell us about the process of cleaning and recycling water. 
Blue Abys 

Water savers Vs Water wasters

We also learnt simple ways that we can help to reduce our water wastage such as turning the tap of when we brush our teeth and trying to keep showers to just 4 minutes. Tricky Stuff! We also looked at the importance of the 3 P’s I’m sure they’ll be excited to tell you all about it