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Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Junior 1’s class page


Reminder: Children to be picked up from the Medway Centre Bakewell after the Year 2/3/4 Dodgeball Tournament 

Topic: Extreme Earth

Its time to discover the capability of planet earth. Overwhelming and almighty, Mother Natures awesome energies hiss and roar deep beneath our feet. Plates collide, spewing lava and causing tremors. Towns and cities shake and vanish under ashen clouds whilst the earths crust folds and mountains reach high into the mist. We will be exploring some of the most impressive mountain ranges and volcanic landmarks to describe the earths physical geography, looking at land use, climates and human impact as well as learning about the processes behind natural disasters .



This term we will be using a mountain climate and setting to focus on descriptive writing, looking at senses, vocabulary and other language features to create imagery. We will also plan and write an adventure story based on some of the fiction we are exploring in class. We will also use a range of non-fiction texts to writ explanations of natural disasters.  Grammar, punctuation and spellings will be taught each morning for 20 minutes.


Science: Rocks and Soil

This term  we are looking at the biology branch of science. Whilst delving deep into the earths core our science will focus on the outer crust. The children will be taught to: compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties and recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter. They will work scientifically to  carry out simple investigations and discuss some of our topics big questions.




The children will begin swimming on the 13th November and will continue this on a weekly basis throughout the term until 11th December. Place ensure children have their swimming kits in school on a Wednesday to leave promptly in the afternoon. If your child wears earrings can we please ask that they are able to remove or cover their studs with plasters in order to ensure their safety and that of others.


Forest Schools

Please ensure your child has suitable clothing in school for our forest schools sessions which will take place on a Thursday afternoon.  It is important their clothing keeps them warm and dry.  Long sleeved tops and bottoms are essential even for the warmer afternoons as they help protect the children from brambles.  


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The children will be given one piece of homework (which should take no longer than 5 minutes) each night.  Each piece of homework will consist of 5 questions and will be aimed at your child’s current needs.  The questions will help to reinforce what they have been doing in class. This ’little and often’ approach, worked really well last year and resulted in the children becoming even more confident with their maths and grammar.   Each child will have a homework book — please encourage them to show all their workings in these books. 
The children should be able to answer each question; however, if you provide any support PLEASE highlight this in their books

so that I can provide further support at school to help them master that particular skill. 


 This year sees the introduction of a statutory multiplication tables check (MTC) for year 4 children where they will be asked 25 questions; testing their knowledge of times tables facts up to 12x12, both multiplication and division. The children will be given 6 seconds to answer. This test will be administered electronically.  It would be great if you could encourage them to  practice these, as they will help their development and support the work we do in school.  Please feel free to ask in school for any extra information.




With strong links between reading and attainment, the children are   given ample opportunities to read in school.  However, they are also   encouraged to read at home.  Listening to them, reading to them and questioning them about what they have read will help to promote    reading habits and have a positive impact on their development.  Each child has a reading diary and in the Juniors it is their responsibility to fill it in  each time they read, either at home or a school.
Please write a comment in the diary each time you listen to your child read or see your child reading. This can help to encourage them and provide some feedback which can help to progress their reading   ability.