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Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Junior 1’s class page


Autumn 1 2020: Planet Pioneers

   Thank you for all your efforts supporting your children at home throughout the prolonged school closure. Yours and your childrens’ hard work has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. I hope that you and your families have been able to stay well and enjoy your summer breaks. I know that we are all looking forward to having the children back in school and that the children will be looking forward to seeing each other too.


   This term we will be taking it slow and supporting children with getting back into a routine. We will have a focus on PSHE, Forest schools and overall wellbeing. We will do some short informal activities aimed at providing an insight into children’s current  attainment  and use this to plan for careful progression from their new starting points.



Topic: Planet Pioneers

The Earth is what we all have in common. The children will be immersed in all the wonders of the world, first by looking at nature, linking the position of the equator to climate zones around the world and the trees and animals that survive in these specific and unique biomes. They will then look at how the natural world is changing to accommodate the growing population , comparing and contrasting a country in Europe and South America with the UK. Finally, we will consider how to lead more sustainable lifestyles  by reducing, reusing and recycling.



Literacy this term will be focused around our topic , starting with poems about nature before exploring stories from different cultures around the world. We will also look at persuasive writing and use this as a vehicle for  persuading people to look after the environment. Grammar linked to these texts types will be modelled and taught as part of our literacy lessons.



Science: Biology - Water Cycle

For our Topic this term children will learn that water is a finite resource that is used or cycled . They will learn the part played by evaporation and condensation in the natural water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature. If possible we would like Severn Trent Water to revisit us in school and share with children  the part they play in cleaning water for reuse and ways we can minimise water use.



Junior 1’s will have PE on a Tuesday, we would like children to continue to come to school in their full PE kits to reduce the amount of items being brought into school at this time, and to save changing in school; allowing us to maximise our time. There will be no swimming lessons taking place this term.



Forest Schools

This term we are also trialling children coming to school in their forest schools kits (again to reduce the movement of items between school and home). Please ensure your child comes in suitable clothing for our forest schools sessions which will take place on a Thursday afternoon.  It is important their clothing keeps them warm and dry.  Long sleeved tops and bottoms are essential even for the warmer afternoons as they help protect the children from brambles. We would like all children to bring some suitable footwear (wellies or walking boots) that can be  kept in the boot room at school. 



The children will be given one piece of homework (which should take no longer than 5 minutes) each night.  Each piece of homework will consist of 5 questions and will be aimed at your child’s current needs.  The questions will help to reinforce what they have been doing in class. This ’little and often’ approach, worked really well last year and resulted in the children becoming even more confident with their maths and grammar.   Each child will have a homework book — please encourage them to show all their workings in these books. 
The children should be able to answer each question; however, if you provide any support PLEASE highlight this in their books

so that I can provide further support at school to help them master that particular skill. 


 This year sees the introduction of a statutory multiplication tables check (MTC) for year 4 children where they will be asked 25 questions; testing their knowledge of times tables facts up to 12x12, both multiplication and division. The children will be given 6 seconds to answer. This test will be administered electronically.  It would be great if you could encourage them to  practice these, as they will help their development and support the work we do in school.  Please feel free to ask in school for any extra information.




With strong links between reading and attainment, the children are   given ample opportunities to read in school.  However, they are also   encouraged to read at home.  Listening to them, reading to them and questioning them about what they have read will help to promote    reading habits and have a positive impact on their development.  Each child has a reading diary and in the Juniors it is their responsibility to fill it in  each time they read, either at home or a school.
Please write a comment in the diary each time you listen to your child read or see your child reading. This can help to encourage them and provide some feedback which can help to progress their reading   ability.