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Year 5 & 6 Blog

Year 6 day out

This week’s Walk Through the Bible challenge.  Can you guess what this bottle of golden syrup has to do with the Old Testament? 

This afternoon, we entered 3 (three!!) teams into the year 5 and 6 netball tournament at Great Longstone. One of our teams finished runners up and our three teams collectively won the ‘teamwork’ award. It was extremely pleasing that so many of our pupils wanted to take part in the tournament. Huge congratulations to everyone involved. 🏆

This term we are exploring the Old Testament from the bible through different activities and stories.  Do you recognise which stories we are acting out or why we had milk and honey hidden in the classroom? 

Walk through the bible

Dry Stone Walling

What a fantastic effort by two of our year 6 pupils last Friday! Each gaining a tick on their School Leader Award, they planned, prepared and organised a Christmas fundraiser. Pupils enjoyed making hot chocolate (with ALL of the toppings), baking and decorating gingerbread, writing letters to Santa and watching a Christmas movie. At total of £80 pounds was raised and the money has been split between two charities: £40 towards buying and sending learning resources to our linked school, Bhowanipore Cemetry School, in Kolkata. £40 will allow us to adopt an Amur leopard and help prevent the species from extinction. (Around 100 Amur leopards remain in the wild, and their habitat is under threat from logging, forest fires and road and industrial development.) An unbelievable effort and one which they both should be extremely proud of. ⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️It’s been another great week for school badges. All of our pupils are working hard to gain their ticks. Today, two gold badges were awarded. Supporting others, having ideas of how to improve our school and using your own time to progress your own knowledge and understanding are just some of criteria listed within our badge system. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

🎼🎵🎶 This morning, our school had the privilege of listening to one of our year 6 pupils perform on their guitar during our collective worship. It was clear just how much time and commitment had been put into learning how to play and their progression over the years has been fantastic! What a great way to end another productive week at Stanton in Peak 🎼🎶🎵

Still image for this video

This morning, we enjoyed tasting our homemade Viking butter on toast!

Tag Rugby Champions 2021!

In our science today, we learnt about traditional Viking methods and made our own butter. Tomorrow morning, we’ll enjoy spreading it on some toast! 🧈🍞

🌲🌳One of our Forest School challenges this afternoon was to make the most of the fallen autumn leaves on the woodland floor. The children enjoyed gathering the leaves together and creating giant ‘Leaf Mountains’. This one towered over us all 🌲🌳




Fencing 🤺 


Still image for this video

Orienteering 🧭

Pond Dipping 🐸

Archery 🏹


Still image for this video

Marshmallows and stories around the campfire 🔥 🍫

We made it! ⛰

All smiles before we head up Mam Tor 🥾

Year 6 Leavers’ Campout 2021

Mount Cook

Getting creative, and brave! The children made a zip wire at Forest Schools this week!

PE: Learning to run, fast!

Forest Schools Fun

Science: having fun whilst investigating how different beaks are suited to different foods as part of our evolution, adaptation and inheritance topic

PE: the children enjoyed working with the specialist rugby and dance coaches

Maya Masks


A nature walk and marshmallows to finish off the term.

Fun in the mud!

You can’t beat a campfire and marshmallows!

Forest School Fun

We used our understanding of levers to build catapults!

We Will Remember

Nice to be back and enjoying Forest Schools

Year 6 Sports Day

What we can see isn’t always the full picture. Often, particularly when we are findings things tricky or hard, we put on a brave face. 

When people ask us if we’re ok, we say ‘yes’ even if we don’t actually mean it. 

For this week’s art we have drawn objects that represent this idea. 

It’s important we talk about our feelings with people we trust. If you’re worried about anything or have something niggling away at you from the inside, choose today to share it with somebody that you trust.

In Forest Schools this week, we made dreamcatchers

Possibly our best ‘Great Stanton Bake Off’ week yet!


Making Periscopes at home

Despite having to stay at home, we’re still managing to continue with our science. This week, we’ve been experimenting using different materials to build bridges. 

Building Bridges

Using different methods to separate materials

Our trip to Eyam

Combining topic with science - investigating buboes and their impact on the population of England in the 1300’s

Derbyshire cricket coaches delivering high quality PE this term (whatever the weather!)

A big thank you to a member of our school community for donating hundreds of pine cones - the children have enjoyed turning them into Christmas trees. Merry Christmas!



In science this week the year 5s and 6s have been discussing the different factors which may affect the rate in which ice melts.  In their groups they planned and carried out different investigations and recorded their results. 

Forest School Rope Course


We all enjoyed showing off our mindfulness techniques to the yoga teacher, as well well taking part in the yoga class and learning new things.  Anyone who is interested in continuing with yoga, please contact school.

Rainforest Cafe

Thank you to all of the parents who turned up and supported our fundraiser. We raised enough money to buy an acre of rainforest! This will help to prevent some of the problems caused by deforestation.

Rainforest Cafe

Young Voices 2019

Forest School - Whittling

Science - Heart Dissection

Sparta vs Athens!

Spartan and Athenian Helmets

Show and tell - don't look into Medusa's eyes!

E - Safety at Rowsley

Last week the Junior children met at Rowsley school for an informative morning centered around e-safety.  The children spent their morning watching a theater production.  Three actors cleverly used the idea of entering the woods and meeting various creatures as a metaphor to get their message across.  After sitting and watching intently, the children then engaged with an interactive workshop.  It was pleasing to see them displaying great knowledge and understanding of the importance of keeping safe whilst using the internet and an awareness of what to do to keep safe.


We then enjoyed a lovely walk back up the hill - just in time for lunch!

Allotment Transformation Week 1

We have plans to transform our allotment into an outdoor classroom that can be used by all our pupils - whether it's the reception children during Muddy Mondays, or the infant and junior children during their Forest Schools, Maths and English lessons.  If any parents are interested in helping us with this project, please contact Mr Figg.

Edale 2018

Stanton Moor Picnic

The year 5 and 6, along with the rest of the school and lots of parents, enjoyed a lovely picnic on Stanton Moor last Tuesday. 

Year 5 & 6 residential to Pembrokeshire

Sport Relief 2018

Working together to make tools during Forest Schools